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Kit Frazier is a professional journalist, former editor and current bestselling author. Her work has been featured in national publications, including The Writer Magazine, and Writers’ Digest, and she has taught numerous writing classes and seminars for Writers’ League of Texas, as well as colleges and conferences in the United States and South America.

She critiques manuscripts for authors and performs “pre-reads” for agents and editors, and has read for major publishing houses, and many of her clients have gone on to lucrative writing careers.

Evaluations include detailed notes on both strong and weak points of the novel’s characterization, goal, motivation, conflict and resolution, as well as format, grammar and voice.  Services offered:

Query Letter: $20.00
Short Story (up to 10,000): $75.00
Short Story (up to 20,000): $100.00
First Three Chapters: $100.00 (with free Query Letter Evaluation)

Manuscript (up to 70,000-words) $200.00 (with free Book Proposal Evaluation)

Manuscript (70,000-words to 100,000-words) $300.00 (with free Book Proposal Evaluation)

Online Courses are $15.00, and include a 20-percent discount on literary services.





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